Positive Changes – CD

Positive Changes album cover

In March 2015, I went to Belgium to make my first album as a leader. I wrote some new material and arranged some standards too.

I had always had the idea of recording in Studio Crescendo in Genk, as I had several CDs from there, all of which I liked the sound of. I had also heard great things about Pino Guarraci – the studio owner and engineer.

I thought- wouldn’t it be great to play with some of my favourite players from Belgium/Holland? So I called Philippe Aerts, Hans van Oosterhout and Jean Paul Estiévenart. I was happy they all wanted to do it, and I had a great time recording it!

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The first time I played with Alice Zawadzki many years ago I just knew we had to work together. It felt natural and easy; she has a beautiful voice and great ears. ‘Lela’ represents exactly what we like to play, with a varied setlist from Handel to Nina Simone.

£10 (inc. shipping) 

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